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Esquel, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina

We will start, in Argentina, Latin America and countries of the world, focused on the most relevant within the Technological, Alternative and Sustainable structures, each concept carefully studied and devised based on the times to come.

This coming period is characterized by our commitment to continuous improvement, investments will be made that can help change the world and our environment.

In this period of time, Argentina as countries of the world experience stormy times and very abrupt changes, however thanks to the structure of projects that we will impose, our vision and approach and versatile ideas, will give us a global position for humanitarian aid.

We consolidate ourselves in the Argentine Patagonia as a starting point, expanding to the main cities of the country, Latin America and countries of the world.

In so many years of passing communication, dialogue with topics such as those proposed today in this synthetic development, results have been materialized and reliably demonstrated, achieved with theories, suggestions, ideas, concepts with our work group, always in search of a better society, better country, better current economy, innovating in Technology, Training, Education, Long-term State Policies, Universal Assistance (UBI), Sustainable Self and the Production of all kinds of food as organically as possible, Vineyards, etc.

Water, its Purification and Decontamination of Large Masses of Water with Photo Catalytic Reactors, the solution for Human Consumption, Sewage Effluents, Sewage, Seawater Desalination.


Martín Pablo León O·FarrellPartner Director LATAM
Partner and CFO OFarrell Patagonia,
Global Humanitarian Initiative, QFS, Firefly, U $ DMint, Iseetrust,
HighPyS, Grupo Torcello Holdings, Total Patagonia.

Soldier of God - We are Light for the New Planet Mother Earth, consciousness
and human goodness, Brotherhood.
Luis Horacio AgüeroPUBLICIST
Consultant - Expert in Work at
Height and High Risk Engaged
in Complementary
and Cognitive Alternative Medicine.

Always walking towards
Challenging Futures

President of ONG. - Bachelor, Self-taught,
English Course King School Bournemouth, Uk.

All for one and one for all
Daniel PalunskyREAL ESTATE
Real Estate Businesses - Agro Industrial Developments
Public relations.

Let's get it done
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